Free TON blockchain (what is TON Surf ?)

Surf is all-in-one crypto wallet, blockchain browser, and secure chat. Surf helps you navigate in the TON blockchain.

Surf is available in Apple Store and Google Play, as well as in web version. Download

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Currently, the following features are available for you:

  • Non-custodial wallet
  • Test coins Rubies (ask Chain Rider to assist you)
  • Staking
  • Transactions (send / receive tokens)
  • Chat (text, documents, images)
  • Contact list (Surf contacts, Telegram and your phone contacts)
  • Assistant
  • Security (PIN and Seed phrase)

Surf is a wallet. Manage your coins in a sleek intuitive interface. Store them, transfer them, use them to participate in TON blockchain operations — all this and more in just a few taps.
Surf is a browser. Access the TON blockchain through DeBots — decentralized TON apps. Whatever you need to do on the blockchain, there is probably an app for it. If there isn’t, with our tools you can create it.
Surf is a chat. Stay connected with your friends in the integrated secure chat, where making transactions is as easy as sending messages, photos, docs and other files.
Surf is secure. Surf uses state-of-the-art encryption for all of your data. Even so, you can double your protection. Just order the Surf hardware wallet — the Security Card.

General rules to keep account protected

  1. Install Surf only from verified sources (App Store, Google Play) or use the web version.
  2. Backup your master password. Ideally it should be stored in a location that only you can access. Never keep it on the same device as Surf.
  3. Do not disclose your master password to any person or any app, other than Surf. Only use it to restore access to your wallet in Surf.
  4. Use a PIN code you can easily remember and never write it down. Don’t use the same PIN code in other applications. Don’t share it with anyone.
  5. Follow basic device security guidelines: don’t install applications from unknown sources (disable this option in the settings); carefully read requested permissions when installing apps; set up secure device lock method.

More information about Surf security.

How fees are calculated

Transaction fees consist of a few types of different fees connected to the execution of a single transaction. Transactions itself are complex processes, and fees are paid relative to different stages of executing them:

  • Storage phase: collects storage fee — a payment for storing the contract code and data on the blockchain. In it not directly related to the transaction itself.
  • Credit phase: collects toll for importing the message into the block. There’s a variety of types depending on the message origin and routing, generally referred to as import fees.
  • Computing phase: collects gas fee, paying up for the smart-contract execution inside VM.
  • Action phase: collects some payments for composing outbound messages and performing special manipulations, collectively called action fee.
  • Bounce phase: if it happens, collects bounce fee for forwarding a special “bounce” message to the original sender.

The fees do not depend on the amount of the transfer, they are based on the Smart Contract being executed.
Here, we explain how the fees are calculated.

Send coins

Go to Surf and push the Send button.
Your can send coins to your contact from the contact list, or to specific wallet address.
You can also ask your friend or partner to send you tokens, just share your address in Surf. The simplest way is to push the Receive button or ask a Chain Rider bot to assist you.

Encrypted messages

Surf provides end-to-end encryption chat for users with their private keys.
Messages are not stored in the TON Blockchain. Currently, TON Labs uses a database, where all messages are encrypted based on curve25519-xsalsa20-poly1305 asymmetric algorithm.
In future releases messages will be stored in a decentralized TON storage database.

What are DeBots

DeBots are the various bots within Surf that help you navigate the blockchain, and perform certain tasks on it through an easy-to-use interface. DeBots can have a variety of features and capabilities.
One example is the Chain Rider bot, that currently advises you on wallet setup, and, in Developer Mode grants you test coins.
I will describe more about Debot in the next article (subscribe)

What is staking

The concept of staking means participating in a pool that finances validators who submit stakes to get a TON validation mandate for a specific period of time.
Surf acts as a nominator and offers a simplified staking option.
All you need to do is to set the amount of tokens you want to stake for future allocation to the respective validators. Tokens should be transferred to the stake before the staking cut-off date, i.e., before the validator election starts. On the cut-off date your stake is locked.
If your validator is elected, your stake becomes valid (i.e., will be used in the service) for the current validation period. If your nominee is not selected your stake will be returned to you with a respective notification.
Once the validator receives rewards under the Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism, the smart contract will share those rewards with the validator, with you, and with any others who participated.
To put in simpler terms, essentially staking is a lot like an interest bearing account; in this case a staking pool. You deposit your coins into the staking pool along with others. The smart contract distributes them to validators. When the validators complete their tasks they get rewards. Part of those rewards are then deposited into your account and the accounts of everyone who participated.

For more information and participation in Free TON contests, visit the official forum.

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